Thunder Heart

Thunder Heart born in 2006, 18+ hand branded American Warmblood gelding who was purchased as a 4 yr old pet/riding horse. He has string halt and shivers, common with his size and breed. A few weeks after his owner died of a heart attack in front of him, he was indirectly hit by lightning, which burned his face and left him blind in his left eye.  While out in the field, he ran through his electric fence and was cut up in the process. HORSE picked him up on July 6th, and he was put into a 1/2 acre grass paddock with a run in shed next to other horses, so he had company while recovering. Not up to date on shots, one of our Vets was called in to do a thorough exam and give him several of his shots and clean and dress his injuries. It was determined that Thunder's body condition is a 3 on the Henneke scoring system and he will need to gain 150 lbs, of which he has already gained approximately 30! *(See top image when he came in July and bottom image taken in September) He is on a low carb, high fat diet, with all the 1st & 2nd cutting hay he can eat (in 2 hay bags, 1 inside,1 out) along with grazing. During the most recent vet check, it was determined that Thunder Heart can now see shadows in his left eye and all his burns have healed. Because of his walking exercise program of 20-30 minutes of trail walking every other day (with hills) the vet feels it will take about a year for Thunder to be fully rehabbed and able to go back to work as a riding horse. 


Thunder is ready to go back under saddle!! He is looking for an experienced warmblood rider under 175 pounds to put him back under saddle!