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Our volunteers come from as far as NYC to help at the farm. Assistance can vary from heavy chores to grooming, walking and feeding the horses. 
Do you like speaking in front of people and contributing to the community? H.O.R.S.E. representatives sometimes appear at county fairs, educational events, museums, and cultural establishments educating people about our horses, our adoption program, and sponsorship opportunities.
Interested in a career in Animal Husbandry? Veterinary Technology? Farrier? Earn valuable hands-on experience at our farm! See a real BLM [Bureau of Land Management] Mustang, meet a retired police horse, give hugs to a miniature horse standing only three feet high, or try and hug our drafts, some as large as 19 hands high. Horses of all sizes and personalities are waiting to meet you!
There are so many ways YOU can help H.O.R.S.E. Take a tour of our rescue facility and find out whether volunteering with horses is your "thing."
Whether you spend an hour or a day at the farm, you'll have a great time - all for a good cause!  And you'll make new friends - human and equine.
If you're interested in volunteering at H.O.R.S.E., we'd love to see you! Please call the farm at 860-868-1960 to schedule a tour - preferably a day or two before your visit.
Be sure to check our Calendar of Events for happenings at the farm. You will make a difference by helping horses get back to a healthy and happy life.
Please click here to read our Volunteer Rules and Regulations.