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1997 - 2024

Reggie was a 25 year old warmblood, a gorgeous buckskin boy with a dark mane and boots. For the first half of his life, he trained to become a world-class Grand Prix jumper, and traveled the country on the competition circuit until he retired during the season in Florida, as he had developed navicular disease and was to be sent to the kill pen. Luckily, Patty stepped in, and he spent the last decade at H.O.R.S.E. of CT, being fawned over and loved on, enjoying light trail adventures and riding in the ring. Toward the end, his cushings coat made him look like a teddy bear, but before that, he shone like gold in the sun. 

Reggie loved napping and snuggles with his ladies, Emma and Betty, and liked behaivng like a Sour Patch Kid: First, he could be a little sour, but then he was oh-so-sweet. Reg would cause trouble and then turn around and give big apology kisses and cuddles, as if to say, 'I'm sorry, my blood just runs a little warm sometimes.'

Reggie the Regulator will be remembered for the many laughs and abundance of love that he provided, his majestic stature, and his sweet, handsome face. We love you, Reginald.

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